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Anyone and EVERYONE is welcome to join us at the Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group meeting every month in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

I hope that this group will provide a longstanding support network for the parents of children with ADHD and that parents will learn from as well as contribute to the ideas of the group.

Donations are at your discretion and gratefully accepted at meetings to help cover costs.  Meetings cost $5 at the door (if you really can’t manage $5 contribute what you can, I don’t want to exclude anyone who would benefit).



Book Depository

Book Depository has a vast range of books at great prices and offers free worldwide delivery.  5% of any purchases you make using this link goes to help the running of Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group.



We have a new fundraising initiative via That’s Mine, a company specializing in any type of label you might require.

Whenever you make an order we receive a commission of 20% of your total order for our fundraising efforts!!

If you wish to order from That’s Mine all you have to do for us to receive the fundraising is:

  • Once the items are in your cart, look in the ‘Additional Information’ section.
  • It will ask you ‘Is this order part of a fundraiser?’
  • From the drop down menu, which is sorted first by state and then by organization name, choose ‘NSW: Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group’.
  • We will then automatically receive the commission from your order.

The link to the That’s Mine homepage is:

and the link to their product page is:


The Entertainment Book is available as a book or an app with vouchers for restaurants, hotels, attractions and a whole host of other things.  I buy Woolworths vouchers from it (5% discount as a member which really adds up when used for groceries both at Woolworths/Thomas Dux, Caltex, Dan Murphys, Big W and others).  It includes popular restaurants with 2 for 1 deals or
between 25-40% off the total bill etc.  

The $70 purchase price is usually paid for after just a couple of uses.

There are several different books depending on the region in which you live but the Sydney and Sydney North book have combined into one book since 2015.

The app makes things even simpler.  It can be used on 4 different mobile devices so all the family has access to it and you simply search a restaurant in the area you are in and it gives you a choice of restaurants/cafes where you can redeem your vouchers and get the best use and value from your book/app.

We receive $14 for each book sold.  Selling the Entertainment Book in 2015 raised $348 for the group.  In 2014 we raised $203 so it is becoming more successful and we will continue with this initiative in 2016 so please support us and order your copy from us.  

You can do this directly from this website by clicking on the icon below.  




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