Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group


The Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group would like to thank the following business and community bodies for their support to our group:



Pittwater RSL in Mona Vale has supported our group by generously donating and setting up their Main Sail Room for our monthly meetings, as well as extra events.

ADHD Guide


Medicare Local,
for their generous donation of a grant to fund the ADHD Guide, a website that provides parents with information about ADHD as well as an extensive list of medical professionals and organisations that provide treatment and advice about ADHD to parents.


Carers Australia

Carers Australia


Carers Australia, who have provided our group with a generous grant towards our first Relax. Recharge. Refresh event for parents, to take place in August 2015.

THE FOLLOWING AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES have generously contributed to our
Relax. Recharge. Refresh event by donating gifts or coupons for our gift bags:

Tea Blossoms

Tea BlossomsA premier supplier of tea, online in Australia. Tea Blossoms was established in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia as a tea wholesale company. With passion for tea, tea history, culture and benefits, our aim is to produce and distribute specially blended unique premium teas and to make tea drinking popular again.


Pureau Water

Purea Water

Pureau Pure Water – Noble Beverages created the Pureau brand of water over 20 years ago. Since then, they have been proudly supplying Australians with the purest and best-tasting water available. Pureau is the only water that is 100% guaranteed to be completely free of chlorine, bacteria, fluoride, sodium and other impurities that are so prevalent in both tap and bottled water.


Loving Earth

Loving Earth – HEALTHY – SUSTAINABLE – FAIR – These are the three fundamental principles of Loving Earth and define the strict criteria which we use to source and develop all of our products.A Melbourne based company dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality organic, fairly traded and wild crafted functional foods available, Loving Earth works with small producer communities around the world to provide healthy, sustainable & fair ingredients, which we use to handcraft our unique range of raw chocolate bars and superfood snacks.To learn more about Loving Earth and join our vibrant community, check out our website at


Nui Live Fair Trading

Nui Live Fair Trading

African Pacific – is a specialist development agency supporting the socio-economic development of communities in the South Pacific. The mission of the company is to “measurably improve the livelihoods of growers” and engages in multi-stakeholder collaborative value chain management systems to improve economic development outcomes and agricultural GDP growth. Through the Nui brand, African Pacific builds direct relationships with local farmers and their families through the production, marketing, sales and distribution of products sourced directly from the growers and producers in the South Pacific region.


De'bee Signature Balms

de’bee Signature Balms – De’bee Signature Balms was established in 2014 for love of the honeybee. The company creates natural body and lip balms ideal for people passionate about healthy and sustainable skin care. Their products are handcrafted in Ballarat, Victoria, from their signature base of pure beeswax and certified organic extra virgin olive oil.


Kuranda Healthy Wholefoods

Kuranda Whole foodsFrom humble beginnings out of a cottage kitchen located in the pristine environment of the Atherton tablelands in Far North Queensland, Kuranda health bars began selling into the local farmers markets. As demand grew for the “yummy” bars, Kuranda Wholefoods has expanded the Kuranda range to include 100% Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free Natural Muesli, along with the Kuranda Satisfying Seed Bars available in a variety of flavours, not to mention the ever popular Kuranda Quinoa & Chia Bars popular with Vegan’s and customer seeking Fructose Friendly health bars variances.



Weleda – Weleda strives to source only the finest ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild crafted suppliers. They don’t just buy organic ingredients on the open market, but work in partnership with growers to ensure they know where the ingredients are grown, what the soil is like, and how and when the plants are harvested, distilled or processed. It’s their attention to detail that ensures maximum vitality and potency of the ingredients in their beauty products. Their focus is not only on creating exquisite natural and organic products, but to do so in a way that is ethically, socially and environmentally responsible.


Elektra Magnesium

Elektra Magnesium – Elektra Magnesium body care products have been specially formulated using natural ingredients to deliver high amounts of magnesium to the epidermis using their convenient and easy-to-apply Magnesium Cream moisturizer and/or Magnesium Oil Spritz. They are great for maintaining healthy-looking skin and with massage to relax muscle tension. For a rejuvenating magnesium foot soak or bath, try their Elektra Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes (the purest salts from the Tibetan Plateau).



BlantsBlants have a passion to supply premium quality ‘Wellbeing & Lifestyle’ products at affordable prices, and are “The Pioneers of bulk salts”! They are driven to undertake a colossal amount of research on product origin, production, suppliers, supply chains, grades, spec sheets and analysis in order to supply top quality products at THE best prices. They don’t just rely on their suppliers’ product analysis alone but undertake their own analysis in an approved Australian lab to ensure compliance. They are constantly scouring the globe searching for the best available, endeavouring to source, where possible, ‘Natural’ or‘Organic’ at the best price! Many of their products are Natural, and their Bicarb Soda is even Organic.


2die4 Live Foods

2 Die 4 Live Foods – “Apparently humans can’t digest raw seeds (and nuts are seeds). This information, which came on the packet of stunningly delicious fermented nuts, came as a surprise to me. I’m wondering why I don’t rattle. Not to mention feeling foolish for all those nuts (some were roasted, which is apparently worse) that I’ve eaten in my lifetime. But if fermented nuts, which are so superior for my health, taste like the ones from the Byron Bay company 2die4 Live Foods, I’m a convert. The range, which includes almonds, pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts and pepitas from Australia and overseas, are either pesticide-free, organic or both. They are pre-soaked in water, whey and salt, then dehydrated back to “crunch state”, without killing the “activated, cultured life”, making them tastier and easier to digest.” Leanne Tolra
THE FOLLOWING HEALTH SPECIALISTS have generously donated their services and time and will be speaking and demonstrating their skills and products at our Relax. Recharge. Refresh event:

Katie Brown Yoga

Katie Brown Yoga – Katie is a respected authority on pre-natal yoga, infant massage and baby yoga.  She has appeared on several TV and radio programmes including Yoga TV (Ch 10), The Today Show (Ch9), Kerri-Anne Kennerly (Ch 9), ABC (Illawarra) and radio 2UE.  Katie has also been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including Woman’s Day, New Idea, That’s Life!, Wellbeing, Cosmo Pregnancy, Practical Parenting, Australian Parents, My Child, Wondertime, Who magazine, Body + Soul and Pregnancy & Birth. 

Mona Vale Massage

Mona Vale Massage – The longest serving Remedial Massage Clinic on the Northern Beaches, they staff 10 therapists who are highly qualified and health fund accredited. Remedial massage improves your quality of life by enhancing your body’s ability to heal. They can help you maintain your body between treatments by assisting with post-treatment information and education.

Leslie-Anne Becker

Leslie-Anne Becker, Vedic Meditation TeacherAfter learning Vedic Meditation during her years as a psychotherapist Leslie-Anne decided to transition into becoming a meditation teacher and mentor because of the profound benefits she experienced from the technique. Lesley-Anne has been trained by the world’s leading Vedic Meditation teachers and has a wealth of experience. It is her desire to make Vedic Meditation available to everyone.

Christine Shepherd Essential Oils

Christine Shepherd Essential Oils – Christiane Shepherd’s main goal is to assist others to feel more relaxed by recharging their body and soul with a variety of techniques and tools. With a Degree in Applied Science, a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Product Manager experience in Medical Devices, and certified practitioner for Techniques in Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, she is well equipped to serve with knowledge, passion and nurturing attention. 

Fresh Start

Fresh Start Health And Fitness CentreKelly Richardson, Nutritionist, and Tim Jones, Personal Trainer, are the new owners of FreshStart Gym in Narrabeen.  If you are looking for a solution to help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals, look no further than FreshStart. Across two locations, FreshStart offers a unique variety of services that will take the hassle and fear out of achieving your dream body.  FreshStart members love the non-intimidating atmosphere and fantastic choice of programs and classes available to them, most of which are included in their regular membership.

Vision Scope Coaching

VisionScope Coaching – VisionScope Coaching is a life coaching company specialising in helping individuals (and teams) reach their full potential. Tammi Kirkness has a background in working with adults and children with learning difficulties internationally and has paired this with people management and coaching experience in the corporate world.  Through eastern and western techniques she grown an intuitive and incisive understanding of how self care, power and personality can combine to impact the world. She excels at working with people who share her curiosity about becoming the best version of themselves.

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