Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group


 Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group



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The Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group is a parent-run, voluntary organisation which meets monthly at Pittwater RSL, Main Sail Room, Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches in order to provide support and education for parents/carers of children and teenagers with ADHD as well as adults with ADHD or interested professionals.

It often helps to know that you are not alone when you experience the issues within your family, related to ADHD. It can help to share strategies, coping mechanisms and knowledge – or to simply talk to others who understand. 

We are currently the only ADHD Support Group to service the Northern Beaches/North Shore area.

The group provides regular meetings whereby parents can meet to find out more about ADHD, from a variety of professional speakers and other parents, and to gain support and encouragement from one another in an informal, supportive environment.  

Every parent’s journey is unique, when you’re coping with ADHD, but often, by simply sharing your problems with other parents, you can find new ideas, tips or solutions for what your next steps might be.

I also welcome suggestions from the group and are happy to accept any offers of help in running the group.

I am currently creating an online ADHD services guide for our area ( and encourage you to contact me via the website or email with your recommendations for ADHD professionals, resources and services that may be included in the guide.  The more information we receive the better the guide!