Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group


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Welcome to

The Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group


We are a parent-run, voluntary support group meeting monthly at Pittwater RSL, Mona Vale, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Our support group is where parents of children or teenagers with ADHD can share and discuss their experiences with other parents who are facing similar experiences, in a supportive and friendly environment.

The Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group aims to offer: 

  • A venue for parents to meet other parents and receive/extend support to one another.
  • A place of learning, where parents, teachers and professionals can find out more about ADHD and its related issues.
  • Talks and a discussion forum led by professionals who specialise in ADHD.
  • Help for ADHD children in the form of Workshops to help teach them coping strategies.

The support group is organised by Vivian Dunstan an ADHD parent.

Vivian and Louisa noticed a lack of support in the local area for parents of children with ADHD and hope that by creating a nurturing environment for parents to build on what they already know about the condition, (as well as providing them with a place to meet other parents, to learn more about the condition), they will feel more supported in the community.

A problem shared is a problem halved



“Treating & Managing ADHD with

Applied Kinesiology & Neuroemotional Technique”


Pittwater RSL

The Main Sail Room, 82 Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale, NSW 2103


Tuesday, 19th July 2016  @ 7-9pm


Cost $5 on the door

For more information and/or to register your attendance for

any events click here 

It is not necessary to become a member of the RSL to attend our events, but if you do want to support the club and want access to their facilities and discounts, membership information is below:

I look forward to seeing you there!


I am currently in the process of creating an online ADHD Services Guide and would encourage your recommendations for ADHD professionals, services or resources.  Any suggestions welcome.  Please let me know via the website, Facebook or email on  The more information I receive the better the resource for everyone!  Thanks.

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